Thursday, July 24, 2008

There is a young man on my bus most mornings. I noticed him because he reads a lot and I'm always curious to see what people are reading. A month or so ago he started traveling with a young woman. They usually get off the bus and walk ahead of me to the corner and the street light.
I wonder if they met on the commute. The relationship seems new. At first he was always curled towards her. Just so attentive. After awhile they were just walking side by side, obviously together. One morning I saw her reach out and grab his hand. He moved closer and leaned in for a kiss.
Some days their bodies seem to be magnetized. They can't move too far apart. Other mornings they are just with each other, passively. Today she stepped in front of him as they arrived at the corner and stopped to wait for the light. She reached behind and pulled him closer. It was just shudderingly sexy.
There's another couple I see at night. They seem to have been together for awhile. They both have long hair and wear matching hair clips. They are somewhat dour in expression.
Once I was standing behind her and she was behind him. We were waiting for the train to make its last slow rocking slump into the station. She reached up and refastened his hair clip. There wasn't any obvious reason for the action. It just seemed to be an act of tenderness and affection. He looked at her with the same dour expression. Hers didn't change. But so much sweetness seemed to pass between them.
So now a few days go by and I can't get it together to write and I begin to feel like a failure and then more days go by.