Sunday, February 28, 2010

Clean the kitchen week did not go that well. I got distracted by too many things. The goal is to do really deep cleaning, which means taking a gazillion things off the butcher block and wire shelving so I can sweep and mop under them. In the process all the stuff I take off gets cleaned. This is my favorite kind of cleaning. Everyday cleaning makes everything look better but deep cleaning makes everything feel better. When I was still working I gave some thought to hiring people to clean the kitchen before Mom came. But I didn't really have the money for that even then.
There's always a point during this kind of project when everything looks much worse. That was last night. There were dishes and kitchen machines (Cuisinart, juicer, etc) pots and pans all over the living room. I've gotten a lot done today. I'd say I'm mostly done.
Times like this make me feel old. I don't have the stamina that I used to have and things take longer. I get frustrated.
But I love walking in the kitchen right now. Even though things are still messed up. The parts that were really dirty are shiny.