Tuesday, July 26, 2016


The mommy has watched @MSNBC from dawn till dusk for years. Care givers tell me she shouldn't watch so much news but they don't get that the people are real for her. They anchor her. She has crushes and affections and listens with all her strength. During the Republican convention was different. She hardly ever had the TV on when I arrived. She'd blanch at certain faces. I wondered if she'd feel the same during the Democrat convention but so far, it's the opposite. She watched with a half smile for a long time. I know that she can't really process what's being said but she has a visceral reaction. She has from time to time told me that she didn't want a woman as president but when she sees Hillary she smiles.
I knew I'd vote for Hillary the minute she announced. I have all of the same judgments that most people on the left do. She's a hawk. She's a corporatist. She's right of center. But I knew I'd vote for her. She is possibly the most qualified person to ever run for the office. That may not be a compliment. She's qualified because of years in the system and the system is sick.
The mommy can't imagine a woman as president. When I think about the changes I've lived through and then multiply them by the changes she's lived through my heart quakes. It's not enough to vote for her because she's a woman but it's extremely moving to imagine the first woman president.
I've been annoyed by Bernie. Actually I've been annoyed by his supporters. My Facebook feed is always filled with hate for Hillary. The few times I've tried to step into the conversation I've felt jumped on. At some point I realized I couldn't be civil when talking about the Republican nominee so I need to just step back. It's been a nasty election and it's not going to get less nasty.
So the mommy and I watch as much as we can and then we switch to musicals. And we sing.