Tuesday, November 18, 2014


In my last post I said something about thinking the moving the mommy project would happen fast. I had no idea. We'll be back in the Hood on Thursday. There is a couple who have a "senior services"company and they have been amazing. They have so many resources and they've made time for us. They've been here for hours taking care of things. I couldn't have done this physically or emotionally without them. In some ways I'm still recovering from my own move. And hours on the Internet could not have yielded the resources they have. And they are lovely people.
I'm not sure what exactly to call the mommy's brain fog. But the hard part has been answering the same questions forty times a day. And her emotions, many of which are normal for an 88 year old person moving across the country. But she lashes out. I'm pretty good at diffusing things and I am pretty patient but it has been tough and will continue to be. My life will be differnt.
It will be better to have her closer.