Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm just ridiculously bad at this now.
I had an idea to make this be my main blog and redirect things here and I was all wound up about it but ... really ... the reasons I haven't done it yet are boring and long winded.
And not being able to do it frustrated me.
And that combined with a short but nasty illness and a manic bout of reorganizing and cleaning.
And I just shut down.
Sigh. Again.
I have been doing massive purging in my apartment. I think they're opening a new branch of the Goodwill with all the stuff I've dumped. I rearranged the furniture in the living room, which involved much stacking of books. The new arrangement doesn't totally work but I kind of like it. The next big push will be the kitchen. I'll need to move the butcher block and shelf to clean the floor. Lots of washing and dusting and tossing out of food stuff that may not need to be tossed but has been around too long to want to use. Like year old olive oil. Yech.
I'm saying that this is all in preparation for Mom's two month visit but I want to do it.
And the weeks just go by.