Friday, April 16, 2010

I decided to change the Blogger feed to FB. This one updates through Twitter feed so I switched to the Food Blog. Maybe they'll both update now.
Anyway. I noticed that the food blog had a place for titles, something I hadn't been able to find on this blog and needed to use for the Facebook notes feed. I decided to update my template.
One false click.
I mean they warn you that you'll loose all your stuff but I just ignored that and all my sidebar links were gone. Gone.
It was that time of night when I wanted to put on my pajamas, kick back and watch TV or read. I did not want to figure out HTML. Plus I still had a sink full of dishes. I did most of them and sat down at the computer ready to do battle. But no. Blogger has made all of this extremely easy. I even figured out how to put my Botero picture in my header. Still haven't figured out how to add a title here.
More fussing about may occur.

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