Sunday, November 13, 2011


From time to time I feel lonely and pine for a relationship. But I always know it would be challenging.
I've lived alone for too long and I'm set in my ways. If I needed proof I now have the three months a year when Mom visits. I'm happy to have time with her but we are both women who are set in our ways. And her way usually wins. I would always demure to the desires of a guest but with Mom it's more like succumbing. Some of that is about her age and need for care but she gets along without me the rest of the year. I think she wants to be taken care of and I'm actually OK with that. It is a challenge.
There's football on the television. My Sunday breakfast of French toast changes to poached eggs on English muffins. We have soup every night for dinner. I think it's funny because we use two bowls for cereal in the morning and the same two bowls for soup every night. I wrote about the soups on the food blog last year. I doubt I'll do it again. I repeat a lot with the exception of the inevitable use stuff up soup. We've already had one. Beef stock, barley, yellow squash, tomatoes and peas. It was good. I am going to do one that I saw in a magazine. Celery root and fennel topped with apple and bacon. I might write that one up.
There's a funny thing that happens in which she doesn't need anything until I start doing something. That's something that often happens with kids. I thought I was going to post the other day but somehow every time I turned toward the screen there was something to discuss or something to get.
I'm not really complaining. I might be in a few months but right now I'm just happy to have her here.  


Cheryl Czekala said...

"I would always demure to the desires of a guest but with Mom it's more like succumbing." LOVE this!

Interesting how, inadvertently or not, parents can be so cunning about reasserting the parent/child roles.

And those near us do indeed feel the shift from unfocused to focused attention, and they want in!

Jenni said...

I can't imagine what it's like to live alone, in your own space and time and rhythm, and then to have a 3 month houseguest. i only lived alone for one summer... the summer after college when my roommate/not a friend, and the fall, where my best friend and i shared an apt for 3 years. i love my family, but i did love living alone that one summer.