Wednesday, February 01, 2012


I wake up every morning because I'm in joint pain. Mostly my knees. My fingers are the second most often. The other day it was my ankle and my thumb. The next day my shoulder and this morning my hips. I can stretch and shift my position and get some relief but most of the time the pain is louder than any alarm clock.
I'm in some amount of pain all day. On a scale of one to ten I'd say I travel from four to to seven. It can shoot up past ten usually as a result of movement.
My doctor and I have had conversations about all the kinds of arthritis and the treatments. The problem with drugs is the side effects. She gave me a pain killer that knocked me out every time I used it. We tried another that was a bit better. I take herbs and I have ointments and patches. Swimming helps. Yoga helps. There is a perfect combination of exercise and rest that works but is always changing. 
Cold makes it worse. Rain makes it much worse.
Mom being here has thrown me off. I'm either over doing or recovering from having over done. When she leaves I'll get some of my rhythm back.
It seems like the constant presence of pain makes me tired and unfocused and edgy.
And. I just felt like talking about it.


Daniel said...


Tish said...

I've been thinking about trying that. I know one person who can get me some. Odd since back in the day I knew so many more. :-)
It's been decades.

Cheryl Czekala said...

I feel you; can't say to the same extent, but I am there. Hope you are freed up "spatially" very soon. Cannabis ain't a bad idea at all.

lynnie said...

Man that sucks! My mom has the same problem and I figure it'll hit me soon too. I have a friend who is a puppeteer and her shoulder became sore and she was worried she wouldn't be able to work. She got a supplement that she claimed fixed the problem. I'm trying it now because I get joint pain when I have PMS. It is called Inflaprofen made by Gaia Herbs. I don't know if it works for me yet
, but thought I'd mention it.

I'm Not My Disease said...

Thanks for talking about it cause it makes me feel so not alone nd that many others live like this. Found you through the first ever Disabilty carnival back in 2006 ( we are revisiting some firsts )

Tish said...

I tried the smoke. It sort of worked but not really. And I don't love feeling fuzzy.
I may look into Inflaprophin. It looks interesting.