Monday, March 26, 2012

Possibly Funny. Or Maybe Just Odd.

Last year I bought a scale. I stopped weighing myself decades ago because my teenage dieting years were so scale driven and obsessed. No matter how much I embraced being fat I found that a scale could turn me into a manic number checker. I only got weighed at the doctors office. Last year I decided that not knowing the numbers was as obsessive as manic checking. Hence the scale.
I hid the scale when Mom was here because she was already crazy about food and weight gain. She's been gone a few months but I forgot about the scale. The other day I pulled it out and the batteries were dead. I replaced them and reset the clock. Why there's a clock on the scale I will never understand. You can set a timer. Why? I dunno. But the weighing function still doesn't work. So now I have a scale that says I weigh 0.00 pounds.

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