Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bug In My Ear

I stayed up a little later than usual finishing the book. I was just so close to the end and knew that I'd be annoyed if I put off finishing. I wasn't ready to let go of my new best friend so I looked up a You Tube video of the Iron Chef on which Gabrielle whooped Bobbie Flay. I saw that show when it aired and talked to Debbie about liking the chef and thinking it was cool that she beat Bobby. I like Bobby but I liked her more. Debbie said something about the memoir and I said something about wanting to read it. At some point later I was walking past the stack of to-be-read books and saw that I had it. Kristina (of course) had sent it to me. I've also read essays by Gabrielle, which I realized as I was reading them in the book and hearing about them in You Tube interviews in which she mentions them. I just never retained the name. Now I will. Because now she's my new best friend.
There are so many things we have in common and so many differences. She's much bolder than I am, or ever will be. I've done some bold things but I am not bold by nature. She told a story about burning her neck while removing a sheet pan from a convection oven that was elevated. I did the same thing. People thought the resulting wound was a hicky.
So I was up later than later than normal and when I finally closed my eyes sleep wasn't waiting for me. Just as I was finally about to drift off a mosquito buzzed my ear. I don't care if they bite me. I don't care if they take all my blood leave me covered in scratchy welts. I just hate when they buzz in my ear. I've had some success getting them to go away if I sleep with a light on but not last night. The stupid thing buzzed me again. I smacked at my ear, which did not feel good. I lay there with my eyes open for awhile. I don't know if the smack hit the bug as well as my head but it was gone.
Morning was not good and by noon I was walking like a halting, janky wind up toy so I got in the recliner and just as I was about to fall into that swoon of exhaustion Mom called. She talked just long enough to wake me up.
I am not feeling the love.
I'm not sure if it's because of my lack of sleep, or finishing the book, or too many You Tube interviews listening to Gabrielle be smart and funny and interesting but I got weepy and depressed mid afternoon. Then I watched one more interview with Anthony Bourdain who praises her and rues his own failings and I. Just. Got. Over. It.
Washed some dishes. Made some dried cherry muffins. Made a salad similar to the one from the other day but with feta instead of tuna.
Bleepin bug better stay outta my house.

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