Friday, February 22, 2013

Yeah. So.

I only just recently figured out how to choose the picture I want when I click on share-to-Facebook. It's not like it was hard. I don't always see all my options. I'm still ripping and listening to music. The shuffle changes with every new add. Today is heavy with Joni as expected. And I've been fooling around with the Food Blog.
I clung to my IPhone when I was in NC. I didn't actually do much telephoning but I was a social media freak. Facebook was the town square. Twitter, which I have never really understood how to use, was the minute to minute headline. There must be a way to post from one thing and not end up spamming Facebook.  If I share from Foursquare on Twitter, Facebook and Tumbler they all post to Facebook. If I'm home I go to Facebook and hide all but one but I couldn't do that with the phone. I've been trying to use Path more often but I forget about it. I seriously love the image of the moon that shows up when you "go to sleep"  but I forget to "wake up". Path doesn't always have the book I'm reading or the music I'm listening to, which bums me out. And it would be one pore post on Facebook.
I never update All Consuming anymore.  I just did because I was thinking about it but I doubt I'll remember to do it again. There was an option to add Netflix, which I did but I don't see it. I thought I had a Netflix "gadget" but I don't see that anymore. Why?
It's all so scatter shot.
And silly.
But fun.

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