Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Still Home

I've been home long enough to find it surprising how much pleasure I am still getting from just being in my apartment. I look around at the plants and books and just stuff in general and feel ... good. For something that is really not at all what I wanted it to be my music project has made a huge and positive difference in my day. I almost filled 160 GB, which could make me sad because I'd like to buy a bunch of new music but I can't afford and I feel like I have a bunch since I'm hearing stuff I haven't listened to in years. Bruce Cockburn just now. PLus I could delete some opera. Traviata tends to load all at once instead of aria at a time. You really have to be in the mood for the whole thing.
I wrote a food blog about my post soup coma. Right now I'm eating a bowl full of left over beef chow fun, cashew chicken and pan fried string beans.  A lovely mish mash.

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