Monday, July 28, 2014

A Page

I created a Facebook Page for the blog.
The amount of time I spend on Facebook is curious even to me. I have friends who will have nothing to do with social media and friends who use it to document their lives, or chat. I understand both positions. It's really replaced my blog roll in terms of how I spend my morning. It's not as satisfying in many ways. But it is full of things that keep me scrolling.
I have read that people get their news from Facebook or Twitter. Twitter just confuses and overwhelms me. I keep trying to understand it and spend more time on it but it's just so frenetic. I get some news on Facebook via links to news sources but I would never want to depend on it. One day I saw a link from a very right leaning page dissing the left via some kind of body shaming followed by a post from a left dissing the right with some kind of body shaming.  Not at all useful. Or interesting. Or fun. I'd be interested in what the right has to say but posts about something stupid said by someone trying to make a name for themselves by being extreme aren't how I want to spend my time. I do get news from Facebook. I learn about new babies and new jobs and what my favorite restaurant is serving and even some national/international stuff.
There's no doubt that Facebook has changed the way I use the Internet.
I think Susan made a page for her blog (which I can not find now) a year or so ago and I tried to make a page then but failed. There was a page created but I don't seem to be the administrator. Weird.
Maybe I'll write more now that I have a Facebook Page. Right?
I really have a hard time getting things done these days. I have a lot of theories about why and I push myself but the facts are I just don't do that much. There are reasons that seem to make sense. Emotional issues. Physical limitations. But jeez.
I loved the rhythm of morning blogging. I'd read blogs. My writing might be a reaction. I tried to participate in the big blog world conversation. I don't think it was great writing. I think I fumbled a lot. I remember the first post. I remember being excited and inept with the technical skills. It was kind of thrilling. Blogs have been slagged as narcissism. Elevated as opinion sources. Parleyed into media careers, books and movies. My blogging shut down during the EA years. I've lost the rhythm.    
It matters because it is the work I could do. I could write. I could rewrite the book and self publish. I could build up the blog. I could. I should.Yeah. I could promote the blog on Facebook. I could get lots of likes for my page. Yeah.
I guess we'll see how it goes.

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