Sunday, August 03, 2014

Blogging Around

In the past when I had nothing to write about but wanted to blog I'd redesign my site. I used WYSIWYG software and was often frustrated when I'd see the site on another computer and it looked nothing like I'd planned. I moved to Blogger when I was visiting Mom years ago because I couldn't take my computer with me but I could sign onto Blogger with her computer. I moved here exclusively when I started trying to blog again. I have never figured out how to assign to the blogger page and I worry about losing access to some of the old things. The posts. The links.
Blogger has added so many new features to the design tools. It's pretty easy now. And yet, this morning I couldn't get into it. I deleted some things from the blog roll either because they weren't being updated or because I just don't read the darn thing anymore. I did check some things out. The web is still an amazing place. Full of beauty.
I found Paul's blog, which I was aware of but it had seemed to be focused on design the last time I checked. This morning I checked out his music streaming suggestions. As I type I am listening to Rdio. I haven't spent much time with it but so far it seems a lot like Spotify to me. I am ambivalent about both. I wasn't able to sign onto Beats. Some problem with the way I was entering my birthday confused them. I'm unlikely to ever pay for any of these services. I won't use them often enough and the commercials don't bug me
Music was such a huge part of my day for so many years. There was always an alternative radio station. And there was the newest album usually by a female singer/songwriter.  I can't even track when it stopped being a reflex. I've been working on breaking up the background noise of news with dedicated times of silence. I mostly listen to music on the weekends. That's just crazy.
Two years ago I ripped my entire CD collection into an IPod and started listening to music more often. But it isn't a reflex. I listen to jazz and classical from my cable provider but those stations are just ... weak. I learned about Radio Paradise last year and it's pretty great. When I worked at EA I listened to and still do from time to time. But I have no habits.
And I don't buy new music. I don't have a lot of money. I always want books. I have downloaded about twenty tunes in the last ten years. I heard that Chrissie Hynde had a new disc out and I've been listening to it over and over on the streaming services. Morrisey has a new disc. Swoon.
I checked in on a few old favorite blogs. I should check Whiskey River and Wood's Lot every day. I always feel rebooted when I do.
I played with the colors and the font. Eh.
My effort is to build up the muscle tone I had when blogging was the firs thing I did every day. It wasn't always great writing but it was reflective. It got me out of my own inner dialogue in some ways.
So I'm in the shallow end of the pool.
And now I'm going to listen to my new favorite song.

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