Thursday, November 13, 2014

Moving The Mommy

Mom has very fixed ideas, one of which is about how long a woman should wear her hair at a certain age. Four or five years ago my hair was long. Down to my butt. I enjoyed it. And I liked rebelling against the idea that I should have short hair. But the year after her husband died I decided to cut my hair as a Christmas gift. I buy her a frog calender and some chocolate frogs every year but there's isn't anything much I can give her. I don't really care how long my hair is and it makes her really happy to see mine short. Every year I get the mommy cut.
I also take the tiny stud out of my nose when we are together. This year I forgot. I was sitting at the kitchen table chatting with her when I remembered. She hadn't even noticed and still hasn't.
I've been trying to talk her into moving to Hood River for awhile now. The week before I came she said she would never leave her house. I figured I'd spend the next three months arguing with her.
The day I arrived, before I had my coat off, she announced she was moving to Hood River.
I have no idea what changed her mind.
I waited though the weekend to see if she'd change again. On Monday I called an assisted care facility and they just happened to have a one bed room apartment available. Someone came later that day who also wanted it so our timing was perfect.
It's all very good but a bit nerve wracking. Mom has a ton of stuff to go through. Lots to down size. Lots to pack. We will have time but I feel like it might happen really fast. We might be back in the Hood for Christmas.
It will be easier to take care of her there. There will also be new challenges.
Funny thing. I dragged a stack of books and a pile of magazines here. I'll probably be dragging them all back home.    
Oh. And there's a frog calendar, wrapped for Christmas, in my back pack. It will be traveling back as well.        


Karen Diamond said...

WOW! I know there are pros and cons, but I think its a great thing. And, I will finally get to meet her!

Tish said...

That's true. 😃

Cyndy said...

Wow! I wonder now if you needed to get the mommy cut before you went to visit.
Whew! You'll be busy, but I'm thinking there are more positives to having her live close to you, than having to help her from afar. Best of luck during the entire process. (Especially the downsizing!)

Tish said...

Yeah the down sizing will be epic. Thanks!