Monday, December 30, 2002

I made risotto with left over pork loin and asparagus. It was pretty great if I do say so myself. While we eat the we watch TV. It seems so odd to me. I look to meals with friends as a time to talk.
We watched You've Got Mail last night. Mom is a big Tom Hanks fan and I had never seen the movie. It seemed pretty insipid. A woman owns a small book store and is put out of business by a man who owns a big chain book store. But they are having an on line e-mail relationship without knowing that they are who they are. The man finds out that she is his e-mail buddy first and keeps it a secret, courts her friendship, and in the end, wins her heart. So…what’s that about? Is that about love wrecking your life but that’s OK? I mean the guy was lying to her, ruined her business, but that’s OK…she loved him. It was just weird. It was a commercial for AOL.
One more week.
I want my apartment.
I want my therapist.
I want my chiropractor.
I want my desk top and access to my site.
I want my friends.
I want my SIMS.
I still want a cigarette. But … I think I may shake that off once I see my books and my CD’s and desk top and my little world.

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