Thursday, December 26, 2002

M & K have only lived here for a few years. They used to live up higher in the mountains. This is a retirement community, closer to town and with a community center where there are meals served and social events and nurses. It’s pretty cool.
The first time I was here they had just moved in. I was looking out of the back porch window and saw a crane down by the creek. It was beautiful but I didn’t realize it was a rare event. Apparently one of them stops by once a year. On Christmas eve I was walking on to the porch and I saw a crane again. This one was much bigger, standing in the middle of the creek and so beautiful. It made me happy.
Yesterday was odd and out of sync.
Somehow I just don’t feel like writing about it. It was just stupid human stuff.
I did get great books from Kristina and a lovely journal from Karen. Thank you. Very much.

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