Sunday, December 22, 2002

Mom made Tijuana Hash last night. It’s a favorite from my childhood but it is pretty kooky. She takes a muffin tin and makes little dough cups in which she puts a mixture of canned corn beef hash, green pepper an onion, and some chili sauce. After this cooks a bit she tops it with cheddar cheese and puts it back in the oven long enough to melt the cheese. When I was a kid I would pick out the green pepper and onion and leave them in a pile on my plate. I eat them now. I’m such a food snob. You would never thing I would like these things. I only do when Mom makes them.
Today I made biscuits and gravy but I used soy sausage.
The last time I was here Mom got irritated because I was reading so much. She kept asking me if I wanted to work on jigsaw puzzles. So I did. The first few were fast but she gave me a 1500 piece puzzle, a picture of mountains and a river, lots of blue and green. It kicked my ass. I brought it out and I’ve been working on it again. It’s faded in places which makes it all the more difficult to figure out. But it is a way to space out.
I was crazy to think that I’d get any writing done.
Last night, the night of the solstice, I went out front and stared at the moon for a few minutes. The big, fat moon on the longest night of the year.

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