Thursday, September 30, 2004

Oh Gosh. I don’t know what to do with this blog. I don’t want to delete it because I don’t want to lose the record of the time in North Carolina. But I realize that my rant post is such blight. I’m not really embarrassed, or sorry about the post. I was in pain and I went off. I came here today and saw the comment from anonymous and I tried to leave a comment to explain that I don’t in anyway think the person knew they were using “my metaphors” and even in the rant I said I realize that no one can own a metaphor. I was just crazed. And. I think I can be crazed every once in a while. But. Oh. I dunno. I can’t see my clarification comment. It may be there tomorrow. And anonymous may never return. And. It is what it is. I could just delete that post but it has been read. I kinda feel like I just need to live with the worst of who I am as well as the best of who I am.
So. Maybe if I post here more the bad vent will slip into archives and …memory.
Or maybe there needs to be a place in the blof world where I lost my self. Some record of my humanity. I just don't know.


Antonio said...

I apologise. Signing in might have been a good idea. Anonymous, indeed. Grrr. Well, it was me.

Bloggers (I mean, the company, "Blogger" with the TM and all that jazz) comments are... well, they leave a few things to be desired. The sign-in process for one. And it seems to take a while for posted comments to appear.

Who cares if anonymous ever returns? *laughs* Sorry, Tish. I know the answer to that question.

For the record, you have a perfect right to go off and be crazed whenever you want. I wouldn't suggest this to just anyone. But let's face it: even though it's not a right that one ought to have to earn, you have earned it.


leslee said...

Geez, I hate the sign in process on Blogger!

I feel your pain. I hate when I post something and then feel bad about it. I have actually deleted posts on occasion, but nobody's ever noticed as far as I know. And what the hell, it's an option we don't have when we've actually *said* it to someone, and one we don't have when we've left comments somewhere that we wish we'd thought more about first (done that plenty). But you're also free to leave posts up for the record, as a disclosure of being a full and complex human being. More power to you!