Monday, February 22, 2010

I linked a piece from Kevin in which he was saying he didn't want to talk about the Southwest thing anymore. He has written more.
The whole thing seemed to have died down on the news but then Saturday I heard Scott Simon talking about it.
I like Mr. Simon well enough but there were so many things in what he said that bugged me. He doesn't want to be behind a fat person in an evacuation. I suspect he doesn't want to be behind a disabled person either. Would he feel so free to say so? He infers the only exercise Kevin gets is walking through airports. Might be true but it's an assumption none the less.
Paul linked an article in which the comments seem to be more worked up about about the bad journalism than they do Kevin. I actually smiled.
I am increasingly sympathetic to Kevin. He is saying he is fat but not that fat. I am that fat. He isn't really speaking for me. But he is beginning to understand the hate in my world.
It's hard to stop talking about it. It's a situation that feels unjust.
I liked what April wrote. She talked about the failures of the system.
I left a comment on the Scott Simon piece, which I ended with this:
Kevin says he feels much of his humanity had been stripped away as people discuss him as a concept and not a person. I am a fat woman who wants the fullness of my humanity to be reflected upon as often as the size of my ass is hated. Kevin just wants this airline to articulate a more consistent way of enforcing their policy instead of offering disingenuous apologies and chump change.

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