Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Theoretically this will post directly to Facebook because I hooked up Twitterfeed. (Thank you Willa.) It might not work and the post may show up twice because of the other hook up I have. Hopefully I'll get it together.
I'm not sure why I care. It's not like I'm doing any particularly compelling writing. I'm pushing myself to do some. I'm pushing to do some every day.
It's funny but linking to Facebook feels more public than blogging ever did. That has something to do with my love of great conversation and how one sided a blogged conversation can feel. A blog is really a monologue but I always wanted to think of it as more of a letter. Comments are the reply. You can't see some one's face when they read your blog. You write and then you wait. It's better if you write with no thought about the reply. But. You know.
And it has something to do with how many of my friends have found me on Facebook. Friends from almost every phase of my life. I feel oddly shy. Or something.
Talking used to be the way I processed. I loved talking. In the last ten years that has become less and less true. Writing took over to some extent but I can barely write email now.
So this is a push.
I met a woman on my commute. It's interesting because we've lived a block and a half away from each other for years. We went to the same place to get our hair cut. We have the same favorite restaurant. The minute we began to talk we connected. It was great fun to talk and talk. We share the same polling place. She drove to work on the day we both voted for Barak. That was fun.
It wasn't that we agreed about everything. One day she began to talk about blogging and how odd she found it. Why would anyone want to write about their life in a public format and why would anyone want to read that kind of thing.
I have never had an answer to the first question but I have always loved reading personal blogs. I don't think I've ever been able to clearly articulate why and I'm not even going to try now. I'm just going to check for spelling and grammar errors ( inevitably miss a few) and click on publish.


Jenni said...

My dear, all of your writing is compelling to me. I just read with awe about your Sims game. It's been years since I played. I am so addicted to those FB games. Just wanted to let you know that.

Tish said...

Thank you so much! :)

Monica said...

Facebook scares the shit out of me, actually. I keep my blog and twitter and whatever completely separate from it. Blogging is a lot more private because I choose how much of me seeps through, and more importantly, how. Everyone I know and their dogs have me on facebook. *shivers* A few people I've met through blogging are there, too, but otherwise, forget it. I've always blogged under my real name, so it's not like all my facebook contacts can't find my blog if they want to, but I'm certainly not going to point an arrow there. Having it on facebook feels like an invitation, and I certainly don't want to invite all my friends to confront the kind of issues I write about. Maybe it's just my way of saying, well, if you want to go there, no problem, but deal with it. ;)

Tish said...

The linking process is so loopy it's unlikely anyone will ever get that I have a blog. I'm prolly making a big deal about nothing. I do that. :-)