Monday, September 19, 2011

The day started off so well

First thing this morning I saw that an old friend had left me a message that they remembered me. It really made me smile. Instead of slipping into zoned out game playing I decided to write a blog post. I couldn't get to my blog. I kept getting a warning page. I reached out to Google help and after much back and forth the issue was still not resolved. If you're reading this you either didn't get the warning or braved it. I had to remove one of my favorite bloggers from the blog roll despite the fact that the issue wasn't there anymore. I've requested a review of my site and the warning page should go away eventually. Having just lived through it I don't have the will to write it out but it was crazy! One person at Google help was great. Another was snarky and not at all helpful. Still working on it. I guess we'll see how it goes.
Then I tried to straighten up a billing issue. Good news was that I'd over paid by seventy dollars, which will come in handy when (if) I ever get it back. The bank says it's paid. The payee says it's not. They're working on getting together. I'm waiting.
After all of that I did hit some Facebook games to try and relax. I could write for hours about how stupid the games are. I burn out on them regularly and quit playing. I get sucked back in by friends who need help. I play until I hit the wall. Today was a bad day in the games. I'm waiting for friends to help me. Can't move on until they do. I'm waiting.
It's the middle of the afternoon and I'm worn out. I did write the post this morning. It felt weak. Days late and dollars short. But I pushed myself. I'm having to push myself every day. Push to finish the vacuuming. Push to do my knee exercises. Push to get to the pool. It's a push. And I don't always succeed.
I had this idea that I should make myself write something every day (even if it's terrible) until I build back some muscle tone. Today was not encouraging. But it started off so well.

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