Tuesday, November 01, 2011


It seems like every time I post I begin with some acknowledgement that I haven't been writing. It's silly. When I blog I feel like I'm walking into a room and talking out loud. There may be other people in the room. There may not. When I go to the pool after a time of not going everyone says some version of "long time no see." I always feel like I need to explain myself.
Jenny is blogging in response to NaBloPoMo and starts with her own awareness of not writing. Jenny's blog always makes me happy. Her life seems so full of art and family and community. Following her intention I may try to blog every day this month. Of course it's 6 PM and I put it off all day until now. And Mom will be here in a week so it will get tough. We'll see.
I am amused that the NaBloPoMo prompt asks what is your favorite part about writing. My favorite part is rewriting. I love picking away at a piece. Moving sentences. Finding shinier words. But I don't do much of that when I blog. Blogging always feels very first thought best thought. I like blogs that feel rough and tumble. When I was blogging every day I liked the feeling of being part of a large conversation.
I'm in the pre-Mom clean-up frenzy. I'm not feeling too frenzied this year because the apartment looks pretty good. It needs work but I get a little done every day. Yesterday was breaking down boxes in the back room and getting them ready to recycle. Today was cleaning the toaster oven and the table it sits on. So many small steps. I'll probably get more frenzied the closer I get to her arrival.
OK. First day of the month. Too late for Rabbit Rabbit?


Jenni said...

Yay! No pressure... if ya feel it, you can write it. Sure, sure. When I used to write a column and had the pressure of a deadline, i hated rewriting. i wanted to do a first draft, ck for typos and send it in. But when I blog, if you read it the moment it publishes, it's probably got a lot of little tweaks and typo corrections if you ck it after an hour, then after 3 hours. Ok, well, day one. Ck. :)

April said...

I like being part of a conversation with you.

Tish said...

I should edit more when I blog. I hate when I read an old post and see some grammar issue or typo.
I like being in conversation with you two too! :-)