Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Violets in Winter

I romanticize the 1880's and 1890's in the lower east side of New York. I imagine passionate conversation and shared wisdom. I imagine shared soup and bread. And poetry. The truth is it was dangerous and impoverished. But reading about Emma sends me into a dream. I don't need to dream because so much is happening now. Occupy, Quebec, Wisconsin. News of the election in Egypt is somewhat discouraging but I still believe in Spring.
A story about Emma, returning from her first lecture tour, afire with insight and eager to share, was angered by Johann Most's desire to focus on their romance. He'd brought her violets. She wanted him to listen to the things she'd realized. She wanted to talk revolution. They fought. When she poured out the tale to her comrades one of them thought the violets in winter, when so many were starving, was wrong. Emma didn't like that either.

"Hearts starve as well as bodies. Give us bread but give us roses. "  

It's stupid to complain about TV news. It's stupid to expect much. With the exception of Rachel, Chris and Melisa there isn't much. I watch Democracy Now on PBS these days but I still think of it as a radio show. The news today, even on Rachel is droning on and on about ... well. I don't even want to say. It's too stupid.
So I'm going to read about Emma. And dream about violets in winter.

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