Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Hang Over

A friend of mine is doing a thing with some of her friends. They're picking one bad habit to break and adding a good habit. There's a diet/exercise/weight loss component that I would roll my eyes at if I weren't still so eating disordered. No more gall bladder but still some post eating upper GI pain. I may have an ulcer. I took way too much Ibuprofen during the EA years, which may have caused it. I have some obvious symptoms but I don't have a complete match. In any case I'm still obsessed with trying to figure out how to eat and not have pain. I'm on more of a "diet" that I was when I was dieting. And I have lost some weight. My attitude about this is odd. After a fairly long time of really small portions of really healthy food I haven't lost much weight. Do I care? Not really but I wish I understood why.
I feel like I have good food instincts and a bunch of knowledge. I may give up coffee, which won't be a hardship but will make me sad. I'm just going to have to keep trying to figure it out.
And I miss the pool so much I could cry.
So. Diet. Exercise. I'm all in.
I thought about a bad habit I could give up and I've already been working on one. Turning off the talk news. It would be easy for me to that after yesterday's election. The talk is just annoying and it's already turning to 2016. This morning I feel as toxic as I would have if I'd consumed a ton of gin. A gin hangover will put me off it for awhile. Today I have a politics hang over. I do love me some Rachel Maddow. I like Chis Hayes, Steve Kornacki, Melissa Harris Perry, Alex Wagner. But I'm way more willing to miss them from time to time. I listen to OPB a fair amount of the time but that isn't all news.
Here's the catch. I'm headed to Mommy Land tomorrow. The mommy puts on MSNBC first thing and has it on alllllll day. If she turns it off it's to watch one of two or three TV shows or movies that she has watched over and over and over. The upside of this is I get a a lot of reading done when I'm there. She always wants me sitting next to her but I get really good at tuning out the TV.
The positive thing I've been working on is listening to more music, which I'm getting pretty good at on the weekend. But again, the mommy isn't going to deal. And me with my IPod in my ear won't be acceptable. So...
There is a pool at Mommy Land and I'm hoping we're going to use it this year.
I'm going to be trying to get the mommy set up with more care. It will not be easy. She's resistant to pretty much everything pretty much all of the time. I go.
There will be frogs.


Cheryl Czekala said...

Good luck with everything travel-visit-recovery related. Get well, stay well, and don't go nuts in Mommyland!

Tish said...

Thanks, Cher!

George Kelly said...

Travel light :-)

Tish said...

I did travel light. Except for all the books. Heh.