Sunday, July 06, 2008

Laundry folded and put away. Mostly. Got over the irritation caused by a pair of socks that somehow escaped the process. Glass of tea filled and emptied. Might need more. Cookie eaten. Half before the laundry and half after. The pile for the backpack is beginning to build. Book, mail, bag of almonds, wallet. Some stuff packed for breakfast and lunch. I'll be eating salads this week so I'll want to make them fresh in the morning.
This is how I started. Just a stream of consciousness, observational, journaling. I was listening to Katha Pollitt earlier. She likes blogs but isn't fond of first thought best thought writing. I could argue for and against. Depends on who is doing the thinking, I suppose.
It would be disingenuous to imply that I don't want this to be read. It's foolish to write on line if you don't want to be read. But I'm too embarrassed, or something, about the time that has gone by. I twisted myself into too many shapes trying to be a BLOGGER. Right now I just need to get it on the page. And then do it again.
Pollitt also mentioned that she thought daily column writing might be good until she started a blog. That made me laugh. Of course, she is a professional. I'm just trying to write some stuff down.
I might take a shower so my body is as clean as my pajamas and my sheets.
Dishes clean. Errant piece of lettuce picked up from the floor.
It's time to wind down.

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