Tuesday, July 08, 2008

On the other hand. My commute is an endless source of tales to tell. Most of which would reveal me to me a cranky ol' somebody. But there are those moments.
I caught the bus I like the best tonight. I always take two buses but one route is two short rides and the one I caught tonight is one long ride and one short one. I can settle in and read. Tonight I was immersed in a short story but it was a restless immersion. The driver was a cowboy and we lurched and rocked. I looked up when a woman exited with three helium balloons in primary colors. At just that moment, on the street, a young man walked by playing a ukulele. It was a blink of a circus.
The light changed and as we passed the young man I noticed he had switched to a cell phone.
Back the mundane.

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