Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm going to try this again. The theory is that when I write on Blogger it will show up on Facebook. It is showing up but when other people do this you can click and go to the full post. Not sure why that didn't kick in for me.
I also updated my Twitter this morning and that's supposed to show up as my status, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Today it didn't. I wish Facebook would spend as much time making things work as they do creating new entry portals that everyone hates. I've lost so many gifts lately.
It is Fat Tuesday. I love Fat Tuesday. I love a day that celebrates abundance.
The flurry of news reports about Kevin Smith yesterday have been followed by silence, which is how it goes. A day of making fun of fat people. There will be more.
One of the meanest things I heard yesterday was a woman who was the head of some anti obesity something who kept talking about life style choices. I'm wary of pathologizing weight but I have met fat people who believe they have a food addiction. Telling them they're making a life style choice is like telling a drug addict to just say no. There are also fat people with heath issues that make weight loss difficult. I always feel like I need to know a lot about medical stuff I have no interest in when I try to make this case. And people working two jobs trying keep up may chose high carb and fat fast food because it's what they have time for and can afford. Are they making a life style choice? And really if the issue is life style choice ... should a thin person making the crap food and no exercise life style choice be charge more for airplane travel?
Teenagers are getting the surgery. No one knows what the long term impacts will be. It's heartbreaking to me.
I may have forfeited my chance to be a part of the public debate by letting my blog whither. And I don't know if I care. I feel completely defeated.
But it's Fat Tuesday. So ... laissez les bons temps rouler, cher.

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