Monday, February 15, 2010

Picture me slumped in a chair pouting because that's pretty much what I'm up to these days. I keep trying to write. Writing usually begins with some internal dialog that becomes more and more organized. My internal dialog is messy and annoying and never really comes together into anything useful.
And then Kevin Smith got kicked off of a Southwest flight because of his weight. I don't need to link do I? I mean the chattering masses are revved up. When I first heard about it my pout became a sort of smile/sneer. Famous guy gets all agro on Twitter. I wondered how long would it last and how stupid and mean would it get?
Kevin Smith wasn't really saying that the policy is discriminatory. He was mad because he doesn't believe he is too fat. His seat belt fastened and his armrests went down. He says he's fat but not THAT fat. So really... what does his outrage mean to me? Welcome to my world dude.
I posted a link about it on Facebook. I haven't been posting much on Facebook. Just hitting like now and then and playing games. Kristina posted the link and then I did and then another friend posted. Most of Kristina's posts turn into lively discussions. Only one one of her friends hit like. Wonder why? And then the comments on the other friend's post were all about being uncomfortable sitting nest to fat people and being turned off by Kevin. Nice. My friends were supportive and had their own stories, which was sweet and sad.
Kevin is already worn out. Imagine my surprise. He writes that the topic is beginning to taste " mediciney and fruitless." And really, that is exactly how it feels.
My seat belt does not fasten and my arm rest might go down but not without digging into me. I am always as careful as I can be now to touch the person next to me. I usually get off of planes aching with the tension of trying. Should I have a comfortable seat on an airplane?
It has been mildly interesting to hear the differences in the way it was covered. One guy did a whole thing about fuel costs. A spokes person from NAAFA on CNN spoke completely beside the point. Not a word about the idea that a fat person might have a right to comfort and safety.
So my pout turned smile/sneer is now a scowl. And yet, somehow, I think that might be a step in the right direction.

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