Tuesday, December 17, 2002

I did not get any writing done. Ken decided he wanted to fix a chair. So I spent the morning getting him things like screwdrivers and drills. He really wants to do what he wants to do.

When people come by or call Mom goes on and on about how great it is that I’m here and how she couldn’t do it with out me. Yesterday I heard her on the phone saying, “She’s a big girl. Really big. But she’s got such a great personality. “

Uh huh.

I wasn’t upset. It was just too classic. She’s fat but…she has such a pretty face.

When we were in the check out line the other day Mom said something to the check out girl about how much she was spending on food since her daughter came to visit. What she meant was that they usually eat in the dining room connected to the retirement place where they live and I’m cooking. But the check out girl just gave me a look and said, “She’s a hungry girl.”

I just smiled and nodded.

And again, I wasn’t upset. It was just too funny.

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