Monday, December 16, 2002

It’s early.
Mom went swimming this morning. Ken is still asleep. I woke up at 6:30 to get a shower and be dressed. I took the trash out to the end of the drive way and got the paper. I should probably go for a walk every morning before they get up. It’s very beautiful here. It’s still dark and the ground is covered with frost. Just those few moments alone in the front of the house, with the beauty of the sky and the stars brought me back to myself in a way.
But. I decided to take advantage of the quiet to go on line.
Mom had Omaha steaks in the freezer and some corn on the cob that they had purchased last summer when it was fresh and then frozen. And she made apple sauce. So, we had all that and I made a salad and some biscuits. It was pretty cute because Mom had a booklet that told her how long to cook the steaks on this little grill. She set a timer for each side.
Maybe we all needed to have a melt down because things were almost calm yesterday.
They have a humidifier and Mom wanted it on since it is pretty dry here in the winter. I can feel it in my skin. But it needed to be cleaned out first. Ken has always done those things. I took the thing out to the back porch and set it up for him on a card table. He pulled it apart and I took the filter to the sink. The thing about Ken is that he always does everything fastidiously. He’ll spend hours scrubbing something. And he wanted to do it. So I got him set up at the sink. He was able to stand and scrub this filter. I knew it felt good for him to do something but I was worried about him standing that long. We got the humidifier back together and turned on. Last night he seemed pretty worn out.
I thought I’d do some writing while I was here but my mind has been dim. Last night I got a surge of ideas about the book. Maybe I’ll get some writing done today. It isn’t really possible to be separate. If I go into another room to do something Mom thinks I’m mad. But maybe if I can sit on the back porch and write….

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