Saturday, December 14, 2002

Did I say something about being Wonder Woman? Two minutes after I wrote that I was in bed shifting about trying to find a way to be that didn’t hurt. My hip and lower back were telling me things about my own age and fitness level. Not nice things.
It does seem like I should be able to go into the office and get on the computer. And sometimes when I’m sitting at the table with M &K and Hogan’s Heros is on in the background, I think …maybe now I can go. But then Ken decides to move to his chair, or go to the back room and Mom wants to write and e-mail but I have to open the program for her, or the phone rings, or another home health care person comes….it just keeps happening. Or I’m just too fucking tired to get up.
M & K have two lazy boy rockers in the living room. But Ken can’t sit in his because it’s too low. So, he sits in a platform rocker. I sit in his lazy boy. The television is on at a volume that rattles the windows. M & K read newspapers and I have my book. Reading with the volume of the TV that loud is problematic and then Mom will say something to me, or Ken will need something. I read the same paragraph over and over trying to concentrate.
It’s early in the morning while I write this. M & K are sleeping late this morning. I’m glad because I’m worried that Mom isn’t getting enough sleep. She wakes up with Ken a few times every night.
I cut up a pineapple and made a fruit salad with cantaloupe and kiwi. I’ve got oatmeal simmering. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get on line after breakfast.
Right now I’m listening to CSPAN and it’s almost like being at home.
There’s a creek behind the house and it was pretty high yesterday because it was raining. Today is sunny. M & K have bird feeders all over the yard. I watch the birds and the squirrels, some of which are white, and try to feel the calm before the storm.

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