Tuesday, December 10, 2002

It’s hard to explain what happens to my time here. I’m sitting. A lot. But the combination of Ken’s physical & mental limitations means that he needs someone near him every minute. He decides he’s going to do something and tries to get up. So I need to be ready to jump up and get the walker and help him up. Or try to talk him out of what he wants to do. Mom turned away from him for one minute last night and he fell. Fortunately he fell on his knees near the bed, so Mom called for me, he used his elbows on the bed and Mom & I were on each side and we got him up. I'm aways worried that he'll fall and we won't be able to get him up. We just need to watch him every minute.

And we have some kind of family Murphy’s Law going. Just when I head for the office and the computer something happens.

And Mom isn’t getting enough sleep at night so when ever she sits down she crashes and I try to keep things stable till she wakes back up.

And it is funny. Even when there’s nothing going on I can’t seem to get to the computer. Mom wants to talk or I’m too brain dead or whatever.

Yesterday we went to a variety of doctor’s office things. I spent the day in waiting rooms with a book. Then we went to a restaurant that Ken likes for an early dinner. He tried to get in and out with his walker but on the way out he couldn’t move one leg, so I ran to the car for the wheel chair.

I’m so immersed in life with Mom & Ken, and losing my blog roll, and not having time to spend on line, means I can’t really keep up with the big conversations. And I’m having trouble doing links. My blog life is fucked up. If I have time today I’m going to add a blog roll to the blogger blog. Wish I’d done this when I was home. But first I’m going to put up this post and and try to send some e-mail.
I did get to scan the hish over Anita Roddick’s fat suit.

Ya know what I hate worse than frat boys who shout things at me from cars? People who think they’re so liberal and understanding but who don’t get it and then want to be appreciated for being so … kind. My fat ass.
If Anita had walked around on her knees and then said she understood the problems of little people would people have thought her rude? See there are a few fat folks who aren’t going to take it anymore. We aren’t going to be grateful for limited kindness.

Well. That felt good. Just a little rant to get the blood moving back into my brain cells. I think the sound of Matlock playing at full volume from the TV is damaging my brain cells.

Thanks again for all the comments. It makes a difference.

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