Thursday, December 12, 2002

It’s almost 1:00 in the morning. I know I’ll regret this in the morning. But I couldn’t sleep and I just wanted to read some blogs. Mom & Ken are in bed. It doesn’t matter if I tie up the phone line.

It was worth it to read Cynthia’s comment. Thanks for that. All day I’ve been thinking about what Dru said about children and being interrupted. This is a lot like having kids. I really have been noticing the ways in which watching Mom & Ken in this time is full of the same kinds of emotions that watching kids grow up engender. I was lucky to have my Goddaughter. I have so many memories of her childhood. Now she’s in college. She’s is and always has been the smartest, sweetest, kindest, most beautiful, most talented, best, best, best.

I’m in the middle. Neither young nor old, really.

Ken is defiantly better. There is still a gap between what he thinks he can do and what he really can do. And, being who he is, he wants to do stuff.

Today he saw that there was a screw loose on his rocking chair and we had to fix it right away. He’s always been like that. He wants to take care of the problem right then and there. I convinced him to sit down in another chair while I flipped the rocker over and tightened the screw.

I flipped the rocker over and tightened the screw. Just call me Wonder Woman. Or crazy chick who thinks she’s stronger than she is.

Then he wanted me to see a video put out by the folks who make the squirrel proof bird feeder that he has out back. It’s a video that shows some birds using the feeder and then a section of banjo music with the squirrel spinning around. It does this in a tape loop. The first time it was mildly funny. By the third time I was feeling like I might be in hell. But then a squirrel jumped up on the window sill, and then got on the roof. And just as we turned off the tape the squirrel jumped down on the feeder and spun around. It was really funny. It was like he was saying, “Why are you watching that video? Let me show you how it’s done.

April wrote a beautiful piece.

My lap top battery is fading and so am I. I owe many e-mails. Sigh. I need time.

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